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Common Sense Makes a Comeback

Cultural Appropriation

This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. I grew up with an innate appreciation for the cultures of other people. Frankly, I was always a little jealous that people had a culture at all. I didn’t really have one, at least one that I could identify in any meaningful way.…
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Getting Rid of “Toxic Masculinity”

I’m going to warn you ahead of time that the title of this post is more than a little bit misleading. Masculine traits are not toxic. Toxic masculinity is not a real thing. The so-called toxic traits that are apparently assigned solely to men have nothing at all to do with masculinity, and everything to…
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The Trans Phenomenon

Let me start by saying something that I don’t think enough people say when approaching this difficult topic. The transgender phenomenon is a trend. The vast majority of the people claiming gender identities other than that into which they were born are an insult to people with genuine gender dysphoria. My initial thoughts on this…
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A New Vision

I have spent an enormous percentage of my adult life content with sidelining my thoughts and opinions in an effort to better understand how other people think. I feel like that commitment to listening and learning has served me relatively well, and postponed the forming of radical and generally stupid beliefs until I reached an…
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